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6 Features of Good Annotation


Here are 6 signs that distinguish a well-written annotation:

  1. Brevity. Usually, the publisher sets the volume itself, but it is worth adhering to the rule "brevity is the sister of talent." A person who wants to find an expert to write my papers should spend a minimum of time reading the abstract, otherwise the matter will simply not reach the article.
  2. Informativeness. A person should spend a minimum of time reading, but at the same time receive maximum information.
  3. Structuredness. Information should be presented consistently, do not jump from one question to another. It is advisable to adhere to the same structure as the article itself is written.
  4. Mentioning the target audience. It has already been said that after reading the annotation it should be clear to whom it is addressed. List specifically who will benefit from the article.
  5. Matching style of annotation and article. Most often, articles are written in a scientific language. The abstract should be written in the same way. The basic rule is to avoid complex terms. It should be understandable to someone who is not versed in the area under study. Thus, you expand the audience that will read your article.
  6. Mention of innovation, discovery. This is the ultimate goal of any research - either a new discovery or a refutation of existing theories. This is what the goal of finding an expert to edit my paper online is: interest the reader and push him to read the work itself.


There are elements that spoil the annotation and make it difficult to read. To prevent this from happening, it should not contain:

  1. Links. You need to refer to sources and other authors in the text of the article itself; in the annotation, pay attention only to the work for which it is being written.
  2. Abbreviations and Acronyms. The abstract is written in a scientific, but at the same time accessible language. Thus, the author does not reduce the audience that may be interested in the article.
    References, abbreviations and formulas should be avoided in the annotation
  3. Formulas, numbers and unnecessary details. Don't clutter the annotation with this data. If they can be removed without losing their semantic load, feel free to remove them. It is better to add something unique and original, something that will be remembered by the reader.


You should not copy annotations to other people's articles or write them according to the same structure. Just buy assignment online and forget about this issue. There are writing rules, but the abstract is an advertisement for your article, so it should stand out, interest and intrigue the reader. If it is like two drops of water like everyone else, there will be no point in writing it.


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