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[Sticky] COVID 19 Safety

Fernando de Paz
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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully everyone is well. Here at Bytes & Bots we take safety very as our number 1 priority. Here is how we are keeping it safe.

  1. Disinfecting station before and after when the class starts.
  2. Checking temperature before the student comes into class.
  3. Masks are required to enter the lab. Students should bring their own. We do sell masks if needed.
  4. Gloves are recommended but not required. 
  5. Limited capacity camps and classes. We limited to 18 students total in the lab.
  6. Trained mentors to stay 6 ft away from the student when working with the. If student needs help with putting a part together mentor will ask the student to move.
Topic starter Posted : 14/07/2020 12:03 pm
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Thank you for sharing this great piece of information.
To make our kids social and active
We all know how important it is to start schools and colleges. But again there is a big worry about our kid's safety. Again thank you Fernando for sharing all these safety majors this will protect our children.

Posted : 07/10/2021 1:39 am